Improve Your Results With Pain Patients! Expand Your Skills with Moxa, Bleeding, Cupping, Seven-Star Hammer with Honora Lee Wolfe

Improve Your Results With Pain Patients! Expand Your Skills with Moxa, Bleeding, Cupping, Seven-Star Hammer with Honora Lee Wolfe

While most acupuncture training courses give you a basic introduction to the use of moxibustion, cupping, bleeding, seven-star hammer, and external herbal applications, few of them cover these areas of practice in great detail.

Did you know, for example, that some types of moxa work very well in cases of yin deficiency heat? Or that cupping can be used to supplement the body as well as to drain it? Or that some types of pain have to be treated with bleeding to get the right result? These are a few examples of information not often taught in acupuncture colleges.

I am an acupuncturist. I do not use internal herbal treatments in my practice. In my work, I have made a personal study of the clinical applications of these therapies and how to use them to the best advantage for our patients. My experience is that there are times when we must use them to get the results we want in treating pain conditions! If you would like to know more about the skillful use of various moxa methods, bleeding techniques, different styles of cupping, pain-free seven-star hammer, and other tips for helping your patients be free of pain, join me for this hands-on, interactive seminar.

You can improve your effectiveness by learning more about these often neglected, but very powerful, modalities. I look forward to seeing you there!

What you will learn in this course:

 What do we need to know about pain in order to treat it effectively?

 Using Root and Branch treatments together to conquer pain

 When and when not to use needles, moxa, cupping, bleeding, seven-star hammer, and massage techniques for the best results

 Special moxa points and their specific uses

 Safe blood-handling techniques

 Blood stasis as a factor in diagnosing pain

 What types of cases respond to cupping

 How to use channel-based diagnosis

 What to try when treatment is not working! Seminar details:

When: November 3 & 4, 2012

Where: Citywest Hotel, Dublin

Practitioners: €270 Early birds: €250 (for bookings before September 15th)

Students: €250 Maximum 45 participants.

To register Contact: Sharon O’Boyle, Lic.Ac.TCM.


Seminar Outline Day #1 AM Understanding pain in TCM Root and Branch Treatment Types of moxa Using needles, moxa, and other therapies Caveats and contraindications in the use of moxa

Day #1 PM Special moxa points Demonstrations of various moxa methods Let’s practice with moxa!

Day #2 AM Bleeding techniques in modern Asian medicine Blood stasis and pain Safe blood-handling (demo) Cupping techniques & applications (demo) Seven-star hammer clinical applications (demo)

Day #2 PM Putting this all together Channel-based acupuncture Final demos on volunteer participants Guided small group diagnosis sessions What to do when treatment fails

Q&A Session Honora Lee Wolfe was the founding director at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy from 1976-1980 and went on to study tuina massage at the Shanghai College of TCM during 1984, ’85, and ‘86. She completed her acupuncture training in 1988.

Ms. Wolfe is the founder and 25 year owner at Blue Poppy Enterprises. She has taught at many national and regional acupuncture colleges and conferences in North America and Europe and is the author or co-author of several books, including Prince Wen Hui’s Cook: Chinese Dietary Therapy, How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy Healthy Birth with Chinese Medicine, Managing Menopause Naturally with Chinese Medicine, Better Breast Health Naturally with Chinese Medicine, Points for Profit: The Essential Guide to Practice Success for Acupuncturists, The Successful Chinese Herbalist: How to Prescribe Correctly, Gain Patient Compliance, and Operate a Profitable Dispensary, and most recently is co-author of Western Physical Exam Skills for Practitioners of Asian Medicine.